Jack Posts

Jack Posts

Jack Post Specifications

Extend-O-Posts are perfect for temporarily reinforcing existing floors under heavy load areas, but are not recommended for permanent supports in new construction. There’s nothing easier to use for supporting sagging floors, weak beams, and warping stairways. With Extend-O-Posts the possibilities are unlimited.

• Various load capacities; 8,000 lbs to 18,000 lbs*
• Flow-coated with red corrosion-resistant paint
• Packed complete with installation instructions on a color coded, trilingual carton
• U.P.C. symbol on carton
•Standard Pallet Quantities for Model No. 79 and 84 units; 84HD 50 units

*Maximum Load obtained at lowest adjustment


Model Adjustment Maximum Load* Carton Color Code
JP16 1’0” to 1’4” 15,000# Brown
JP36 1’7” to 3’0” 10-14,000 Blue
JP55 2’10” to 4’7” 10-14,000 Purple
JP79 4’5” to 7’9” 8-12,000 Green
JP84 4’8” to 8’4” 8-12,000 Black
JP84HD 4’8” to 8’4” 10-18,000 Red